Google forms are great. They are easy to create, free, support a wide range of fields, are easy to embed and responses can be stored in a Google Sheet without any setup hassles. But what can you do when you want your form to look like the rest of your website and not like a Google Form? What if you want to do your own validation and host the form on your site? How can you still collect the form submissions in a Google Sheet without having to pay?

In this case you do have a few options. One option…

As developers we are always worried that we might be missing a trick to do things faster and better. It’s developer FOMO and probably made you click on the link to this article. Here is the list of development tools I will be using in 2021. Perhaps there is a trick here that you want to try in 2021.


1. VSCode
In the last couple of years I have come to love VSCode. It is basically a lightweight text editor on steroids. There are a ton of extensions available that can help to enormously speed up your development. VS Code supports…

Franz Rodenacker

Product Designer, Frontend Developer and Usability Engineer at Digiata

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